MEP Products

Comprehensive building/site survey, study of orientation, fenestration & atriums.

Optimized selection of plant and equipment with respect to the cooling/heat load profiles and patterns.

Layout of plant compliant with building safety and governing standards.

Chilled and condenser water piping schematics.

Selecting Air handling equipment.

Air distribution layouts.

Designing ventilation and exhaust systems.

Special designs for Kitchen Hoods and smoke extraction systems.

Energy Conservation & Heat Recovery system & Development.


Assessment of electrical loads. Optimized selection of transformers and panels

Cable and feeder selections compliant with system short circuits and voltage drop.

Design of the following systems in accordance with the National/local codes and standards. `

  • ↣ Emergency Power and lighting system.
  • ↣ Power monitoring and control system.
  • ↣ Interior and exterior lighting systems.
  • ↣ Variable frequency drive system.

Preparing detailed Schematic diagram for electrical power distribution.

Traffic studies for vertical and horizontal transportation.

Optimized selection of elevators and escalators.

Design of complete water supply (cold and hot water) systems and Water distribution through variable speed pumping.

Design of storm-water, sanitary, laboratory waste drainage systems.

Water treatment plants.

Sewage treatment and Pumping systems.

Rain Water harvesting .

Design of medical gas systems, oxygen, nitrous oxide, vacuum & medical air.

Fire Protection And Fire Alarm System:

Design of smoke detection system (conventional and analog).

Design of Public Addressing (PA) System.

Design of complete fire suppression systems like sprinklers a hydrants in compliance with the local codes and standards.

Designing advanced systems like

  • ↣ Gas based fire suppression system (using FM-200, Inergen,etc.,).
  • ↣ VESDA the very early smoke detection system.
  • ↣ Water leak detection system.

Security System:

Design of Security Systems for Access controls, Duress alarm and CCTV surveillance.

Assisting in Design of Telecommunication and Distribution System.

Passive Structured cabling solutions.

Integrated Building Management System (IBMS):

Operation and control of Air-conditioning equipment like chillers, AHU’s, VFD’s, VAV’s,

supply and exhaust fans, cooling towers, pumps, package a/c units etc.

Access control, surveillance and other security systems integration.

Operation and control of electrical systems like lighting control, power monitoring, etc.

Controlling and monitoring water management systems.

Our qualified engineers and technical experts provide sustainable designs and other value additions to the overall Project design requirements. We also support implementing effective Fire fighting systems, Car park Ventilation Systems etc as per internationally accepted Industry standards such as NFPA and ASHRAE.

Our services include the following

We shall provide composite turnkey engineering design and development, design improvement, project planning and project monitoring solutions under one roof..

  • ↣ Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • ↣ Drainage systems including waste water, soiled water, sewage lifting stations and storm water system.
  • ↣ Fire Fighting system
  • ↣ Fire Alarm
  • ↣ Lighting
  • ↣ Low voltage Power supply
  • ↣ Public address system
  • ↣ Extra-low voltage
  • ↣ IT Infrastructures & solutions
  • ↣ Enterprise Software Development
  • ↣ Exchange and mailing Solution
  • ↣ Web designing, hosting and Multimedia
  • ↣ Services & Maintenance Contract